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Idiomas Watson TEFL courses

A TEFL Course with Idiomas Watson (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) gives you the skills and knowledge to teach English in hundreds of amazing destinations all over the world.

Where can TEFL take me?

Whatever your motivation, whether you’re looking to start a career in teaching or simply want to get out there and explore our world, TEFL is an exciting and rewarding path to take.

You don’t need any previous teaching experience or a second language, just the passion and drive to get out there and teach. If you are new to TEFL you can get qualified in as little as six weeks with our 120 hour TEFL course. We also have four great specialist courses perfect for learners and experienced teachers alike! These courses will help you to bulk up your CV and earning potential for when you’re looking for TEFL jobs.

Then, you just need to choose where you’d like to teach: fancy laid-back Thailand or colourful Spain? Or maybe bustling China?

With Idiomas Watson’s TEFL course, you can travel the world.

Get Started

We have 4 great TEFL courses for you to choose from each including the essential 120 hours of training you’ll need to start your TEFL career.

Our popular 180 hour and 300 courses will equip you with extra skills to help you stand out from the crowd and increase your earning potential. Great for beginners or experienced teachers alike; you’ll add specific skills to your CV like teaching young learners, lesson planning and lots more. Get started below…

All our courses are completed 100% in class in Spain, so you can fit your study in wherever and whenever suits you.

  • Professional TEFL training course
  • Internationally recognised TEFL certificate
  • Dedicated personal tutor
  • Free job service from our TEFL recruitment team


Information on TEFL:


If you are interested in our TEFL courses, or have any questions, get in touch with us now!

Lo que cuentan sobre nosotros

Hace 9 años estuve en Idiomas Watson e hice el examen de first y aprobe con un A y gracias a ello ahora tengo un buen trabajo. Debo confesar que llevaba intentando sacar algun titulo en muchas academias pero no era posible. Al llegar a idiomas Watson, ellos ya honestamente me comentaron que no tenia nivel hablado para hacer el examen y me recomendaron otro examen que ya no recuerdo el nombre pero me suena que era lo que tu hijo ha hecho. Saque el titilo y eso me animo a estudiar mas y al final cuando ya estaba preparada ellos me dijeron adelante y aqui estoy feliz con mi trabajo. suerte

SoniaAntigua alumna